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To the best friend who left me in this world…


4 years, 2 months, and 26 days since you left me.

You left me without a goodbye.

You left me without any preparation. How was a 16 year old girl supposed understand losing her 16 year old best friend? Even today being 21 years old, I still break down at the sound or thought of your name. I break down as if it was that faithful day of December 2012.

I will never look at New Year’s Eve the same as I did before. I will always feel a pain in my heart on that day.

Sometimes I sit back and remember all of those times I would lock myself out the house and I would come over to yours and we would eat everything in your fridge. We would talk about any and everything and we would laugh. That’s what I miss the most: LAUGHING. Your laugh was such a full laugh that would show all of your teeth and could make anyone else around you burst out laughing.

I can’t help but to laugh at all the times we rode in the back of the bus after football games and sang stupid songs and all the times we would stay after school until color guard and band practice.

I never understood why God would take someone who wanted to be here so bad and leave someone who at the time couldn’t care less about dying. I still until this day don’t understand why he took you but I know he took you on his own time and when he knew you were ready to sit by the King.

You gave me something that I could never replace. You gave me a friendship that was worth so much for the little time we had together (10 years). You literally rode for me no matter what. You never let anyone come at me sideways or even try me and I appreciated it. You gave me a deeper understanding of myself and a deeper connection to my hopes and dreams.

I promise you I will continue to watch over your mom as I know you would of done for me. I will continue to push and finish everything I start because I’m not just doing this for me anymore, I am doing this for both of us. Your life gave me a bigger meaning to go for what seems to be “untouchable” because you would always tell me that I was unstoppable.

So when I feel ready to give up, I look at your picture and I can’t help but smile and keep going. Keep spinning on my love!

Thank you Courtney Janay Brown for giving me another chance at life! I love you more than you could ever know!






How to be a real and true friend…

I’m not trying to be shady but (insert palm tree here) many of us need a re-up on knowing how to be a real and true friend. Many of us are real friends. Many of us are true friends. But not many of us are both.

Let’s start out with Mr. Webster’s take on what a friend is so we can learn how to be a friend:

Definition of friend

  1. 1:  a person who has a strong liking for and trust in another person

  2. 2:  a person who is not an enemy <friend or foe>

  3. 3:  a person who helps or supports something <She was a friend to environmental causes.>

In this definition, many key words appear such as trust, helps, liking, and supports.
Now these words aren’t in the definition for poops and giggles, these are in there because this what a friend is.
A person that you do not trust is NOT your friend. That person is also not your boyfriend or girlfriend. The “friend” portion of the word must be dropped because we have to trust in them in order for them to earn that portion. They now just become a BOY and GIRL. If I can’t trust you enough to have a conversation without you running off to tell her, him and all of them, we are not friends. We are just acquaintances or just mere “hi and byes.” Now don’t get me wrong just because someone is your friend, that doesn’t mean you just trust them with your first-born child. You need to have enough common sense and intuition to learn what level of trust to give someone and if you lack any of those two above call 1-800-JESUS. He will always answer. Won’t he do it?
The next word is “help.”A friend is going to help you in your time of need with whatever he or she has to give. That doesn’t mean that if you are always going somewhere broke, your friend should always pick up your tab. It means that one day you might just buy lunch when she is low on money for the week. Then when she is back up and you are low, she get’s you. Help is not always monetary! I REPEAT, helping someone doesn’t always have to be a monetary thing. Most of the time, helping should be just sharing some words of encouragement and some wanted advice. Yes, I put wanted advice but true friends will sometimes give you unwanted advice that you truly need to hear to wake you up from the cloud of marshmallow peeps we daydream on.
The word “like” is self-explanatory for the most part.
Support is the biggest thing friends give one another. Support to do the unexpected and the risky things we dream of in the back of our heads if only Grandma wouldn’t judge you haha! Support to be yourself. Support to make dumb mistakes sometimes. Support to never let you make those dumb mistakes again. Support to pick you up when you are weak. Support to use each other back to back to lift each other up. Support to follow your dreams. If someone isn’t supporting you without good reason (many times we don’t see it as a good reason) , they are doing nothing but adding extra weight.
Now that we know what a friend is and what he or she is supposed to do, we need to make sure that we are doing these things ourselves. Before we are able to make friends, we have to make sure we can hold ourselves to the standards we plan on holding them to.
Thank you all so much for all of the genuine support I have received after my first blog post! Stay tuned and as always…

Love them, love her, love him, love you, love me

Love Karaa