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Why are we important?



I remember as a senior in high school and applying to all of these different colleges from UCF to UF to FSU to UM. I went to a predominantly white school and all of the different colleges who visited were from those schools. Never did I witness a college recruiter from an HBCU step on West Orange’s school grounds. I feel like that is why many of my classmates didn’t even know about FAMU. It was like HBCUs weren’t even an option for the students of FAMU.

I got into all of my choices but I didn’t feel as if I was extremely happy. I wasn’t that senior who waited until Valentine’s Day to hear back from UF. It wasn’t a place of happiness. It wasn’t home.

Somehow and someway, my mom led me to apply to FAMU for their pharmacy program and I did. I got in. It still didn’t hit me that I was going to leave the area that I had called home my whole life and that I was going to leave the friends that I had gone to school with my whole life.

Then, I got to Florida A&M University. 


It was a huge surprise to be in a classroom where I was actually challenged and not the only African American child there. It was even more shell shocking that everyone in my classes was smart. I don’t mean just smart smart, but ridiculously smart. All I ever knew before was being the only African American girl in the gifted classroom and all of the AP classes (excluding Marsee). That was never an issue for me but it definitely made me stick out like a sore thumb. It felt so relieving that I had people who looked like me in my classes who were trying to truly succeed.

It’s important to have these options not only because they were the only ones available to our ancestors who were able to get an education but because they are for some people the only option. It is a chance to be in a school where you are not just a number but a person with a name. The professors actually personally care and don’t mind taking the time out with you to help you whether it be with academic issues or sometimes to just talk.

I never felt such a deep love for a school until I reached the highest of seven hills.  It has shaped me as a person so much. I don’t know how to greet someone without starting off with Greetings and humble salutations, my name is Kara Glover, a first year Doctor of Pharmacy candidate from Orlando, FL.

HBCUs instill a sense of pride and love like no other school. It shows you how to support one another just because. It instills in you to speak up and speak out for the ones who can’t. It teaches you how to dance in the stands whether or not anyone is looking. It teaches you that as soon as something goes down, it will spread from the Village down to the Palmettos in less than a minute.

I wouldn’t trade my experience with anything else.

FAMU, I love thee! 





To the best friend who left me in this world…


4 years, 2 months, and 26 days since you left me.

You left me without a goodbye.

You left me without any preparation. How was a 16 year old girl supposed understand losing her 16 year old best friend? Even today being 21 years old, I still break down at the sound or thought of your name. I break down as if it was that faithful day of December 2012.

I will never look at New Year’s Eve the same as I did before. I will always feel a pain in my heart on that day.

Sometimes I sit back and remember all of those times I would lock myself out the house and I would come over to yours and we would eat everything in your fridge. We would talk about any and everything and we would laugh. That’s what I miss the most: LAUGHING. Your laugh was such a full laugh that would show all of your teeth and could make anyone else around you burst out laughing.

I can’t help but to laugh at all the times we rode in the back of the bus after football games and sang stupid songs and all the times we would stay after school until color guard and band practice.

I never understood why God would take someone who wanted to be here so bad and leave someone who at the time couldn’t care less about dying. I still until this day don’t understand why he took you but I know he took you on his own time and when he knew you were ready to sit by the King.

You gave me something that I could never replace. You gave me a friendship that was worth so much for the little time we had together (10 years). You literally rode for me no matter what. You never let anyone come at me sideways or even try me and I appreciated it. You gave me a deeper understanding of myself and a deeper connection to my hopes and dreams.

I promise you I will continue to watch over your mom as I know you would of done for me. I will continue to push and finish everything I start because I’m not just doing this for me anymore, I am doing this for both of us. Your life gave me a bigger meaning to go for what seems to be “untouchable” because you would always tell me that I was unstoppable.

So when I feel ready to give up, I look at your picture and I can’t help but smile and keep going. Keep spinning on my love!

Thank you Courtney Janay Brown for giving me another chance at life! I love you more than you could ever know!